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Let's create the best YOU possible, and help YOU live YOUR dream!

Commit yourself to GREATNESS!

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BE ON FIRE: "Be fearless is the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"
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LOVE YOUR JOB: "If I work so hard at a job I hate, imagine what I would do in a job I love"
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ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL: "A goal without a plan is just a wish"
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FEED YOUR PASSION: "Make your passion your pay check"
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LIVE LIFE: "The goal isn't more money. The goal is living life on your terms"
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COMMIT TO YOURSELF: "Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you"

Hello, nice to meet you. 
Let us introduce ourselves! 

We are a team of studio owners, dance teachers, and industry leaders with decades of love, passion and commitment to the elevation of dance education.

Dance Hiring Hub guides new teachers, teachers-in-training and studio assistants through the process of launching their part-time or full-time dance teaching career. 

We represent dozens of studios across the Greater Toronto Area and assist you with communicating your talent, booking interviews, figuring out your ideal hourly wage and provide ongoing support throughout your dance teaching journey. 

If you are interested in learning more about our services and being invited to our next Intake & Audition date, please fill out your details below and one of our caring and compassionate mentors will contact you.  

*Candidates must be at least 16 years old by the Audition Date.

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Dance Hiring Hub empowers you with the vision, inspiration and resources you need to create most outstanding sellable product you have - and that product is YOU!


We create a stunning webpage all about you, your talent, your unique personality and market your outstanding and polished image. You will be able to quickly connect with potential employers and save hours by only booking in-person interviews with serious opportunities.


Celebrate Your Talent

Captivate - Curiosity - Choice - Create - Confirm - Connect


You are making an effort to attract the best job opportunity for yourself - and we are going to captivate potential employers with your brand and get you noticed! Traditional paper resumes won't cut it in our digital world. Employers want to be captivated by you, your talent, and your outstanding personality before calling you in for an interview. Invest in a Live. Action. Resume. and CAPTIVATE your potential employer! 


When something is presented in a non-traditional manner, it sparks intense curiosity from your audience. Your Live. Action. Resume. is like a digital pandora’s box that potential employers will be eager to open. They will be immediately connected with the best you possible and your brand will outshine the rest! Invest in a Live. Action. Resume. and spark CURIOSITY to get noticed!


By making the decision to present a state-of-the-art digital resume, you will have demonstrated an eagerness to succeed, plan, promote and be engaged in your career. Your unique personality will be seen in living colour with photos, videos, vivid descriptors and the important details people need to know in order to connect with you. Invest in a Live. Action. Resume. and the CHOICE is easy!


We will walk you through the entire process including your headshot, your video cover letter, your talent demonstrating videos and your performance and teaching resume. Invest in a Live. Action. Resume. and get the tools and resources you need to CREATE your amazing brand!


Together we are going to put in a lot of effort in the forefront of the job seeking process. Planning, work, and energy will pay off in the long run by cutting your go-see interviews in half. You'll notice that only serious employers will contact you and their decision to hire you is at 80%, of course, all they will need now is confirmation that you are who you say you are. Invest in a Live. Action. Resume. and interviews will turn into CONFIRM-a-VIEWS!


The world is changing. Human interactions are changing. We begin developing relationships way before a hand shake and irresistible smile. We google - before we call. We call - before we meet. We have made a DIGITAL connection far before the HUMAN connection. Invest in a Live. Action. Resume. and the digital CONNECT will make human CONNECT an absolute breeze!

A Simple four-step process to SUCCESS!



one time fee


  1. Meet with a caring mentor.
  2. Review all of your dance training and qualifications.
  3. Use specialized matrix to determine your hourly wage.
  4. Build your resume.
  5. Create your cover letter.

Join Our Roaster


yearly membership


  1. We will promote you to potential employers.
  2. We will schedule your interviews.
  3. We will help review your employment contract.
  4. We will onboard for the new position.
  5. We will keep your schedule full.

Live. Action. Resume.


one time fee


  1. Plan your photo shoot.
  2. Book our A/V team and studio for new head shot photos.
  3. Film your talent and skill demonstrating videos.
  4. Create your video cover letter
  5. Create professional social media.



per month


  1. Meet with us for a weekly virtual check ups.
  2. Get help planning curriculum.
  3. Accountability to all your studios.
  4. Your career documented for you.
  5. Its about the progress, not perfection. 

Want to learn more?...

Our mentors offer the support structure you need, including: 

  • Hosting your unique Live. Action. Resume. webpage.
  • Unlimited updates to your Live. Action. Resume. webpage.
  • Hosting a private and secure archive of your documents such as, CPR, First Aid, Criminal Reference Check.

  • BOOKING you for interviews in the areas you want to work in.
  • PROMOTING your strengths, work ethic and personality to potential employers.
  • REMOVING the uncomfortable pay expectation conversation by informing employers of your pay rate BEFORE the interview.

  • We assist you with AGE APPROPRIATE lesson plans, curriculum, choreography and costume guidance. 
  • We assist you through PARENT & STUDENT classroom management such as discipline, how to effectively teach a specific skill or how to motivate your students. 
  • We provide you with a 24/7 DANCE TEACHER HELP LINE over the phone or online, anytime.

What exactly is a Live. Action. Resume?

A Live. Action. Resume. is a PERSONAL WEBPAGE all about YOU!

We use a variety of multi-media including photography, video, and graphic to present your resume LIVE-IN-ACTION instead of asking employers to read through paragraphs of text and facts.

There are unlimited possibilities to present digitally in your Live. Action. Resume., including: 

  • A video cover letter.

  • A headshot.

  • A PDF cover letter and resume.

  • As many dance photographs as you like (Technical & Artistic).

  • A video of your ability to count music.

  • A video of yourself dancing short routines in ballet, jazz, tap, acro, hip hop, and lyrical (Max. 1 minute).

  • A video of yourself performing a PreSchool mime.

  • A video of yourself performing a lyrical solo in of the following: ballet, lyrical, or acrobatics (Max. 2 minutes).

  • A video of yourself performing a high energy solo in of the following: hip hop, jazz or tap (Max. 2 minutes).

  • A video of yourself teaching or interacting with parents and/or students.
  • As many references, quotes or testimonials as you like.

  • Your hours of availability

  • The distance you are willing to commute and method of transportation. 

  • Archive of your documents: CPR & First Aid, Criminal Reference check, Certificates, Medical Clearance etc. in a hidden link that only you provide to employers upon offer of employment.

Your unique Live. Action. Resume.


Our mentors will assist you through the entire creation process, including:

  • Helping you create your content (cover letter, resume, videos etc.)

  • Review, edit and suggest improvements along the way.

  • Meet with you should you need assistance for in person photography and video.

  • Provide a studio space for filming if requested.